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Introducing MyFuel. A branded look, feel and
fuel at not-so-branded pricing.

There's a brand new concept in fuel heading your way. MyFuel.

But they don't feel the same about dark, low-quality, unbranded retailers who generally sell it.

That's where MyFuel comes in.

MyFuel is a brighter, cleaner, more branded look than customers have ever seen before—but with the unbranded prices they want. A clean, professional look means more traffic. And more traffic, as we all know, means more profit.

The time is just right for such a concept.

Fuel for thought.

Why buy expensive branded fuel from a major oil company who may have a bad reputation with your customers?

And for that matter, why buy fuel from a company tied to a natural disaster? Especially when there's such a viable alternative waiting here for you and your customers.

MyFuel has a professional image your customers will trust, with a price that enables you to compete. So it's a genuine win-win.

So get pumped. There's a MyFuel opportunity available in your area right now. Grab it.

We're about to turn pumps all across America into minting machines. Join us.

If you're just starting a fuel retail business or even if you've been at it for years, you owe it to yourself to get the MyFuel story today.

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